"So what if nyaa and horriblesubs are down, just use Crunchyroll"


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"I gave Brandon my favor to wear, and never comforted Petyr once after he was wounded, nor bid him farewell when Father sent him off. And when Brandon was murdered and Father told me I must wed his brother, I did so gladly, though I never saw Ned’s face until our wedding day. I gave my maidenhood to this solemn stranger and sent him off to his war and his king and the woman who bore him his bastard, because I always did my duty.

Hera Hilmar as young Catelyn Tully

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September 02 2014

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please tag your sfw I’m trying to see a tittie

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when you remember something embarrassing you did 6 years ago


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Mai Aisaki (Twitter, Instagram) on the street in Harajuku with yellow twintails, green lipstick, a Disturbia Clothing dress with leather harness, Jeffrey Campbell wooden platforms, and a backpack by the Japanese brand Beauty:Beast. Full Look

September 02 2014
September 01 2014

Long road which leads to the calm hill
I go leaving my sadness behind
Good night.. my beloved
Last heaven of mine

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September 01 2014
September 01 2014
I put too much time and effort in these dorks,
I am not going to rest until they’re canon

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